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Nirmal Baba does not chat on WhatsApp. Nirmal Baba does not have WhatsApp group for devotees. Nirmal Baba does not send Facebook friend request. Beware of fake site using Nirmal Babaji's photo. Beware of fraud people using Nirmal Babaji's name !!

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Samagam Availability

GOA 80th 20th AUG 2017(Evening) DONE
DELHI 79th 3rd SEPT 2017 DONE
GOA 78th 20th AUG 2017(Morning) DONE
DELHI 77th 8th JUNE 2017 DONE
DELHI 76th 12th FEB 2017 DONE
DELHI 75th 10th NOV 2016 DONE
DELHI 74th 11th SEPT 2016 DONE
DELHI 73rd 28th AUG 2016 DONE
GOA 72nd 27th MAY 2016 DONE
DELHI 71st 24th JULY 2016 DONE
GOA 70th 8th MAY 2016 DONE
GOA 69th 28th MAY 2016 DONE
GOA 68th 8th OCT 2016 DONE
NEW DELHI 67th 15th JAN 2016 DONE
GOA 66th 12th JAN 2016 DONE
NEW DELHI 65th 25th OCT 2015 DONE
NEW DELHI 64th 14th JUNE 2015 DONE
NEW DELHI 63rd 26th APR 2015 DONE
Goa 62nd 20th Jan 2015 DONE
DELHI 61th 3rd Aug 2014 DONE
DELHI 60th 8th July 2014 DONE
DELHI 59th 7th July(Eve) 2014 DONE
DELHI 58th 7th July (Mor) 2014 DONE
DELHI 57th 6th July(Eve) 2014 DONE
DELHI 56th 5th July(Eve) 2014 DONE
DELHI 55th 5th July(Mor) 2014 DONE
DELHI 54rd 13th Apr 2014 DONE
DELHI 53rd 12th Apr 2014 DONE

NirmalBaba Show Availability

DELHI 51st 4TH SEP 2017 DONE
DELHI 50th 6TH AUG 2017 DONE
DELHI 49th 9TH APR 2017 DONE
DELHI 48th 8TH FEB 2017 DONE
DELHI 47th 7TH NOV 2016 DONE
DELHI 46th 6TH OCT 2016 DONE
DELHI 45th 5TH OCT 2016 DONE
DELHI 44th 20TH AUG 2016 DONE
DELHI 43rd 16TH JULY 2016 DONE
DELHI 42nd 26TH JUNE 2016 DONE
DELHI 41st 18TH MAY 2016 DONE
DELHI 40th 16TH MAY 2016 DONE
DELHI 39th 15TH MAY 2016 DONE
DELHI 38th 24th APR 2016 DONE
DELHI 37th 17th APR 2016 DONE
DELHI 36th 27th FEB 2016 DONE
DELHI 35th 12th DEC 2015 DONE
DELHI 34th 20th NOV 2015 DONE
DELHI 33rd 18th OCT 2015 DONE
DELHI 32nd 17th OCT 2015 DONE
DELHI 31st 20th SEP 2015 DONE
DELHI 30th 19th SEP 2015 DONE
DELHI 29th 6th SEP 2015 (morn) DONE
DELHI 28th 6th SEP 2015 (eve) DONE
DELHI 27th 26th JULY 2015 DONE
DELHI 26th 25th JULY 2015 DONE
DELHI 25th 21st JUNE 2015 DONE
DELHI 24th 20th JUNE 2015 DONE
DELHI 23rd 13th JUNE 2015 DONE
DELHI 22nd 25th APRIL 2015 DONE
DELHI 21st 28th FEBRUARY 2015(eve.) DONE
DELHI 20th 28th FEBRUARY 2015(morn) DONE
DELHI 18th 31st JANUARY 2015 DONE
DELHI 16th 8th Nov 2014 DONE
DELHI 15th 12th Oct 2014 DONE
DELHI 14th 11th Oct DONE
DELHI 13th 10th Oct 2014 DONE
DELHI 12th 5th Sep 2014 DONE
DELHI 11th 7th Sep 2014 DONE
DELHI 10th 6th Sep 2014 DONE
DELHI 9th 2nd Aug 2014 DONE
DELHI 8th 28th JUNE 2014 DONE
DELHI 7th 8th JUNE 2014 DONE
DELHI 6th 7th JUNE 2014 DONE
DELHI 5th 25th MAY 2014 DONE
DELHI 4th 24th MAY 2014 DONE
DELHI 3rd 11th MAY 2014 DONE
DELHI 2nd 10th MAY 2014 DONE
DELHI 1st  6th APR 2014 DONE

Online Samagam / Show Availability

Samagam/Show Registration Process

  • Registration fee per person
    Rs. 3900/-   (Including Taxes)
    Rs. 6500/-   (Including Taxes)


  • Getting Registration, Attending any Event/Samagam/Show/Puranmashi, Watching the Programmes of Nirmal Darbar on Television Channels/Internet/DVD/Website or Mobile Site, Following the Teachings of Darbar, Sending Daswand or Any type of Contribution to the Darbar, is voluntary, unconditional, with your own free will and without any undue influence or coercion. The same would not incur any legal liability on Nirmal Darbar.
  • Entry to Samagam/Show by Prior Booking only.
  • For SAMAGAM/SHOW Booking, Check for OPEN status on Main Page or on Mobile site.
  • If you send your payment for CLOSED SAMAGAM/SHOW your booking will be done for next SAMAGAM/SHOW.

Payment options

By Axis Bank Challan

  • Download "AXIS CHALLAN " from www.nirmalbaba.com website.
  • Deposit cash in any branch of AXIS BANK using CHALLAN OPTION
  • Send Original NIRMAL DARBAR COPY of CHALLAN to us by COURIER.
  • You should keep Original DEPOSITOR COPY for reference.

By Cash Axis Bank

  • Deposit cash in any AXIS bank Branch into the this CURRENT account:
    AXIS A/c Num: 9120-2004-6933-762
    Account Name: NIRMAL DARBAR
  • On the back side of the stamped pay-in-slip and on the envelop mention the following and Courier to us:
    a) Your Complete NAME
    b) Your mobile number (to receive SMS)
    d) If more than one person is attending mention all names but only one mobile number

By Demand Draft

  • Make a single DD from any Bank for the correct amount favouring "NIRMAL DARBAR" payable "New Delhi"
  • On the back side of DD and on the envelop mention the following and Courier to us:
    a) Your Complete NAME
    b) Your mobile number (to receive SMS)
    d) If more than one person is attending mention all names but only one mobile number

Post Payment and Registration

  • Upon receiving payment confirmation we will register you for the available Samagam/Show. You will receive confirmation of venue details and pass numbers by Phone/SMS.

On the Day of Samagam/Show

  • At the Samagam/Show venue we will have multiple Pass counters.
  • You have to collect your pass from the counter by quoting your pass number.
  • Please bring Photocopy of Pay-in Slip and ID Proof for verification.

Puranmashi Calendar

  • 21-Jan-2019
  • 19-Feb-2019
  • Mar will be updated later
  • 19-Apr-2019
  • 18-May-2019
  • 17-Jun-2019
  • 16-Jul-2019
  • 15-Aug-2019
  • 14-Sep-2019
  • 13-Oct-2019
  • 12-Nov-2019
  • 12-Dec-2019

Appointment Charges


Bank Details

Account Name : NIRMAL DARBAR
Axis A/c number : 9130-2000-3329-549
IFSC Code : UTIB0000049
Account Name : NIRMAL DARBAR
A/c number : 1546-0021-0002-3105
IFSC Code : PUNB0627600
Branch: Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi.

Account Name : NIRMAL DARBAR
Axis A/c number : 9120-2004-6933-762
IFSC Code : UTIB0000049

Contact Info

211 Chiranjiv Tower 43
Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110019
Phone Enqiry Timings
10:00 am - 6:00 pm IST (Sunday off)
Ph: 91-11 40766400 (Multiple Lines)